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FUNCTION The main function of a CV joint boot is to protect a car’s CV-joint from damages caused by road debris (as for example sand, stones, salt and water). ADVANTAGE 1.LFI CV joint boot applicable to Asian cars such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese cars, European Cars and American Cars. 2.We have over 2000 items and new items are developed continually. 3.We supply cv boot both OE market and aftermarket. 4.LFI CV boots are distributed in Europe, Asia, North and South America. 5.LFI emphasizes on quality control. 6.Our LFI CV boots are good at -40 degree celsius. 7.And our life time of our cv boots for aftermarket is more than 18 months.

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  • OEM:46307841 / 2163127500002 / 1J0 498 201D / 2163127500006 / 1J0 498 201B
    Application:  FIAT  /  VOLKSWAGEN  /  SEAT
    Material:  Rubber
    Shape:  Round
    Position:  INNER
    Characteristic:Resistance to Ozone, Good at stress and low temperature resistance

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