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Company Profile

Company Profile



  LFI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a rubber manufactory, founded by Oriental Star Chemicals Inc. in Taiwan. We specialized in the production of various kinds of rubber products including CV BOOTS, STEERING RACK BOOTS and SHOCK ABSORBER BOOTS. Upholding the principle of excellence, our company has now over 150 employees And we have invested over 5 million US dollars in equipment, our main products include the following: CV joint boots, Steering rack boots, and Shock absorber boots, and a variety of automotive-related Rubber Parts, Silicone Boots, Rubber parts of special material, Boot kit and all kinds of automotive rubber parts.
  For the main products, we have precision mold design, research and development, and precision mold-making capability. With more than 2500 sets of molds, suitable for over 6000 different models of cars, supporting the development of vehicles, ATVs, shipbuilding, machinery and other industries home and abroad. Our products are applicable for Japanese cars, American cars, European and Korean cars. We are supplying our CV joint boots to the domestic car manufacturer and ATV manufacturer abroad through the CV joint factories in China. Meanwhile, our rubber parts are sold to over 80 countries for aftermarket directly or through traders in the world.
  LFI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has stable source of rubber from 10 suppliers. As for intermediate products of rubber, we have a supply exceeding 600 tons. In terms of automotive rubber part products, our monthly production has reached up to 1.5 million pieces or more. In the next 5 years, a gradual increase to 2.5 million pieces based on market demand can be expected. Whether it is raw material, intermediate products or rubber products, we can meet customers' various needs with reliable quality and punctual delivery. In order to improve production efficiency and stability, we introduced the fully automated manufacturing equipment with 24-hour continuous production to achieve a full utilization rate.
  Strengthening the health and safety of the working environment to reduce environmental pollution is our first mission to protect both our employees and the Earth. Clean, advanced, safe, innovative and environmentally friendly, LFI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is synonymous with high quality. To reassure our customers of high quality, we have built multimillion-dollar testing rooms for product function tests and product reliability guarantee to meet the quality standards and verification of various regions of the world.
  Our focus is on quality for our customers. Staff-oriented drives us forward. Internally, we care about our employees’ needs. Externally, we meet our customers' needs. Vertical services are linked with raw material agency, formulation development, manufacturing and support to numerous industries home and abroad. Integration stream, extensive service network in the world, and the use of knowledge-sharing and resource-sharing principles all join to meet the multiple needs of customers.
  To provide you with the best, we must be the best. To support your excellence, we strive for excellence. Diligence, dedication and care __ LFI INDUSTRIAL CO. COMPANY!