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Shock absorber dust cover removal

Shock absorber dust cover removal

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t is best not to disassemble the dust cover of the shock absorber at will.

One is because many connecting rods are easily damaged during disassembly and it is also more difficult to disassemble. The screws here are relatively tight.

Second, because the four-wheel positioning data will definitely change after disassembly and assembly, the four-wheel positioning needs to be re-positioned. The positioning data made afterwards are somewhat inaccurate and will not be as accurate as the original factory.

The third is that the dust cover will not have any major impact on the mechanical structure, and it is basically only a dust-proof function. If it does not break, there will be mud and sand. If the year is long and the positioning data is inaccurate, if the shock absorber or other parts need to be replaced at the same time, they can be replaced.

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